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Metta Monday Cyber Sale

I'm leaving town on December 11th which means all my orders need to be shipped by the 10th. If you're thinking of placing an order- please don't wait till the last minute. Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year!

What I've been up to

After what feels like an eternity - the 2 lines I've spent the last year designing have finally arrived in stores as well as on line. SakRoots is the little sister to the main collection which is TheSak. This is the email burst about the bangle sets we did as a holiday gift item. You can check the line out at www.thesak.com or you can see a larger selection on the Macy's site.

Small Day Job Successes

A pair of my earrings for The Sak made it into an Editor's Pick for All You magazine--

New Obsession brewing

I'm wondering what I'll get when I cross Swat Animal amulets with the Koti collection with some sacred geometry....

These wooden amulets harken back to days of animist beliefs in the mountains of Northern Pakistan, particularly the Swat Valley in the Kohistan region that is renowned for its woodwork. The function of these amulets were two fold, to protect the animal wearing it, and to serve as a "brand" a means to identify the owner of the animal. The symbolic carving was meant to be protective, occasionally incorporating Buddhist designs (an influential religion in the area in the past) and more often drawing from a much more ancient pool of design. Many of these also have a small hollowed out area, that would have originally been sealed (typically with wax or varnish) and would contain various items with protective qualities, dirt from a sacred space, insects, stones, prayers, beads, anything that was thought to have a power to prevent ill befalling the animal. These are old, some quite old, and mostly are made from cedar, occasionally rosewood is used, but its difficult to tell due to the layers of varnish to protect them from the elements.


Metta Metalworks in Collective Magazine

Bit hard to see but one of Josh Korda's pieces for MMW was featured in issue #14 of Collective. This awesome piece is a massive, open-work tooth like pendant off leather and chain. Kind of gangsta' visits the arts and antiquities wing at the Met. I've added a product shot so you can see what it looks like... and then the zoomed out shot showing Wharf-- the MMW team mascot in a heat coma- but still guarding the goods. Shot Brian Sassman and styled by Emily Bess. Both stellar talents who you'll no doubt be reading more about in the future.
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