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Everyone needs a hand every now and again

It's been quite a while. This is what happens when I'm on a launch. But the good news is that I think I may have found an extra set of hands to help me along the way. The notion has me sketching away so hopefully in the not too distant future there will be some new work to show.


Josh and I will be leaving for Thailand for a 7 day silent retreat tomorrow. The location looks stellar and after a long hard holiday push I could use a break! We'll have some time in Bangkok for me to hit the Amulet markets and check out the famous Emerald Buddha temple, in the south, after the retreat we're looking forward to Wats, waterfalls and beaches. I'm hoping to get a dive or three in- Josh will no doubt be reading Suttas on the beach The shop is currently closed till I get back- I marked everything sold out so you could still look. I'll be back up and running some time after 1/26/13.

The way out may be easier than we think.

I came across this on Colossal today- the artist is Cornelia Konrads I always think of the door out of the madness that is my work is so far away- such a tight squeeze, locked even. Looking at this beautiful piece out in the woods- it strikes me that the door is really just in my mind. See more here at Colossal

There's always two truths

This image reminded me of something Heather Sundberg said in a talk. Robert Smithson is the artist.

Repetition and Color

Gabriel Orozco’s beautiful arrangements of garbage is currently at the Guggenheim in New York. Via PatternPeople.com
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