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Mr. Coffee has gotten himself engaged

Our dear friend Gene- who has done all my Tattoos and many of Josh's asked me to make his engagement ring- We're doing a little barter so expect to see some new images on me come July. The ring came out lovely- I'm entranced by rose cut diamonds- working them into the MMW line as we speak- So happy for Gene and Angela- his pretty bride to be!

Ring my bell

My talented pal Loren Erdrich modeling a few MMW rings- She's trying to decide which to trade for one of her amazing drawings. She's having a show at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery in Greenpoint this Friday if you are in the NYC area. Photo by Sinsong

Patterns and textures

I've been looking for some new ethnic-ish patterns to use on some rings and came across this post on Design* Sponge. Beautiful work- beautiful intention. Stitch by Stitch is a new company founded by Graham Hollick and Karen Sear Shimali. After meeting in art school in the 1980s, Graham and Karen decided to turn their love of textiles into a new company and they recently launched a new collection called Peacock Sportif. This collection was made in conjunction with amazing embroiderers (with the help of the SEWA organization) from the remote Kutch region of Gujarat in India. Inspired by their traditional stitch work, Hollick and Shimali created a collection that would celebrate those workers’ style and reinterpret it in a crisp, graphic pattern. I love the stitch work on these pieces and, naturally, want the red version all over my home. I love a crisp red and white bedding design, so these are pretty much instant favorites. You can read more about Stitch by Stitch right here and shop online right here.

Some days 

Javier Pinon really catches my mood today. Too many excel spreadsheets, too many margin calculations- this is the stuff that sucks about going out on your own. I want to design. Not crunch numbers. Sigh.

The art of piling it on

I guess Chan Lu and I are cut from the same cloth...
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