Jewelry Designed to remind.



It’s always kind of interesting to do a deep dive on your own Instagram or Facebook page. Or even to just scroll through your photos. Like a walk down memory lane—we see the good times, the hard times. What I’m seeing today is the impermanence of all things. The hard things changed. The good things changed.

I was away in October for a retreat with Ajahn Sucitto. I had dropped my bags off in my room and was standing in the grass taking in the sun as it was predicted to get cold wet and sloppy for the rest of the 5 days. I noticed some movement in the grass. The movement was a small black snake. The snake had it’s head up- and my perception was that it was taking me in, or taking in the fact that I was taking it in.

I’m always curious about encounters like these. I’ve had many over the course of my life. I like to take them as messengers of a sort. I’ve read that when snakes show up in your life it generally is related to healing and transformation. The can show up to provide guidance about life changes and transitions, whether they are happening at the physical, emotional or spiritual level.

The snake is close to earth energies and represents life force. Since it’s a reptile, the snake is reminiscent of unconscious drives and primal instincts. When snakes show up, it’s suggested that we pay attention to how we use our energy, and where energy is drawn from.

Appearances also call on us to be sensitive to our healing abilities towards ourselves or others. That we cultivate sources of energy and support, especially as they relate to the earth and nature.

So in the wake of everything that’s been happening—the fires in California, changes and risks that I’m taking in my work life, the political shifts that seem to move underfoot from day to day, I found it interesting to come across these pieces from many years back.

MMW has always been “designed to remind” and this is making me want to pull one of these babies out to wear for a while.