Jewelry Designed to remind.



I've designed jewelry for almost 2 decades now.  Making both my own work here at Metta Metalworks and work for well known brands in the US and around the world.    

I've watched myself and others subscribe to the idea that bigger is better, making and selling more is the thing that indicates success.   It seems like ages ago now- perhaps we might call it the prehistoric era of Retail- small designers like my self moved into these relationships with retailers and showrooms- sales reps and product developers in an attempt to become "known".  The problem with this model is that all of those relationships add to the bottom line- the cost that is passed onto the customer.   

I've watched as large brands began looking to small designers for inspiration and began manufacturing similar if not the same items at a fraction of the cost.  As the retail environment became more competitive discount driven- retailers required larger and larger margins from the manufacturers and makers.  This was true of my work for Metta Metalworks as well.

I've never looked to Metta Metalworks to support me financially.  I think I learned early on as I moved into design that what I loved was the creative aspect.  The shipping and selling and marketing, and, and, and.... was much less appealing. 

As the last brick and mortar store that carried my work shut down this spring I had an opportunity.  The opportunity to rethink what I wanted to do with the line.  More and more, as retail buyers shop the same trades hows and showrooms, all but the most independent of  stores are beginning to look like carbon copies of each other.  

There has been a movement afoot for some time now- designers reclaiming control of our product, our prices, our brands and to some degree what it means to be successful.

I'm going to jump on this bandwagon.  From this point forward- you will only be able to get my work here.  As I am no longer in contract with any retail establishments or other online shops I'm radically restructuring my prices.  We're also going to be having a bit of a fire sale as I clean out some old inventory as I simplify and stream line the styles that I offer.   Stay tuned- join the mailing list- tell your friends.