Hobo Nickel Ring

Hobo Nickel Ring


This ring is a real conversation starter.

A rebellious, depression era artform hobo nickels are coins that have been altered using engraving and chasing techniques.

We have had our engraver (crazy old-school guy- think Russian Icons and the like) put his talent to work on a genuine 1935 Buffalo Nickel we found at a flea market- he altered the Indian head on the front to make a skull and engraving the MMW logo into the belly of the Buffalo in the back. This coin was then molded so we can cast the nickel in Brass to get the two tone effect you see on the ring.

The ring shank is sterling silver with an elegant yet sturdy tapered design which makes it very comfortable to wear. The silver is oxidized and hand finished to give it a worn, vintage feel.

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