Second Arrow Pendant

Second Arrow Pendant


Oxidized Sterling silver Oval pendant with arrow on Silver plated chain with lobster claw closure. The pendant sits at 16"

The oval is 25 x 14 mm.

This necklace was based on a talk that my husband, Josh Korda, gave at Dharma Punx NYC.

The Buddhist story of the Second Arrow is a great metaphor for the pain we apply after the fact.

In layman's words- it goes like this: When something hurts us we have the tendency to roll around in it- maybe we blog about it- write angry emails about it, stew in the outrage of "how could they!", etc. So we feel two pains- the initial pain and then the added mental pain.

"Just as if you were to shoot a man with an arrow and, right afterward, were to shoot him with another one, so that he would feel the pains of two arrows"

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